About the Cambodian Medical Clinic FoundationCAMBODIA, A COUNTRY OF 14.6 MILLION people, is still recovering from its tragic political history. The violent and unstable political situation over the past 30 years has resulted in poor or often non-existent health care facilities among many other critical issues. Today, 85 percent of the population lives in rural communities where families make less than $1 a daycare.

Recognizing the lack of allowing little or no money for health health services and the needs of the community, the Sok Sabay Medical Health Clinic in Lvea Em was built with a mission of providing family medical services to the people of the Lvea Em District.

Eighty percent of the children live in the rural communities of Cambodia. The health status of these children is one of the worst in the world. Out of 1,000 babies born, 95 die before their first birthday and 115 die before the age of 5. One in 12 children dies before age 5, primarily from drinking contaminated water. The leading causes of death are malaria, dengue fever, acute respiratory infection, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and anemia.(Rasy Mar, 2007 University of Connecticut Medical School).

The Cambodian Medical Clinic is committed to providing children and adults residing in the Lvea Em District a fiscally stable and high quality medical clinic, staffed with well trained professionals who integrate the best of Eastern and Western medicine and who partner with local and national services to ensure the depth and breadth of medical services needed by the population.

Support the Cambodia Medical Clinic Foundation by making a cash or in-kind donation or by volunteering your time in Cambodia or the United States. Contact Mary Anne Herron (maryanne@cambodiamedicalclinic.org) for more information.

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