Vision & Mission

Cambodian Medical Clinic Foundation Vision & MissionTHE CAMBODIAN MEDICAL CLINIC FOUNDATION is committed to providing the children and adults of the Lvea Em District with a fiscally stable, high-quality health clinic.

Through the Cambodian Medical Clinic Foundation, the Sok Sabay Medical Health Clinic provides quality medical care for the 100,000 constituents living in the 15 communes and 43 villages in the Lvea Em district. Families, children, adults, and the elderly all benefit from the services of of the clinic, which blend the best characteristics of both Eastern and Western practices.

We pride ourselves on offering:

  • Professional standards of care.
  • Health education opportunities.
  • Much-needed medications and medical equipment.
  • A well-trained staff.
  • Finanical support to the Sok Sabay clinic.

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