Clean Water

Water Filter Pots from Rotary Club InternationalROTARY CLUB INTERNATIONAL and the Springfield Rotary Club has provided families in the commune with their first home water filters. The water filters are composed of a white heavy duty plastic outer shell and a ceramic inner shell that actually filters the water placed in it.

Resource Development International (RDI) provides the water filter pots for a fee that the clinic provides to families. The ceramic inner shell lasts approximately two years with proper care. Cleaning the ceramic inner shell ongoing is an important function of the filter for the use of it. Proper care and usage of the filter is under the guidance of Chan Po. He is responsible for all filter programs. the water filters are provided for the clinic by the Springfield Rotary Club.

As resources are available, filters will be made available to other communes without clean drinking water.

Home Health Assistance
Home health care addresses such issues as home sanitation, simple medical treatments for families, and general healthcare understanding in the home. Proper use of water filters and maintenance is also a Home Health Care concern.

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